Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are Masquerade Ball tickets?

Early bird tickets are $35 and are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Regular tickets are $40.

VIP tickets are $50 on a first come first serve basis and $55 after all discount VIP tickets are sold.

2. How can I buy a Masquerade Ball ticket?

You can buy a Masquerade Ball ticket with our online ticket form. We are accepting Venmo (@UCSDCircleK) and cash. For alternative payment methods, please contact us on Facebook or email

If you are a UCSD Student and would like to pay in cash, you can pay at our table on Library Walk every day from 10AM - 2PM.

If you are a CNH CKI Member and would like to pay in cash, please turn it into your club president.

3. What perks will my ticket give me at Masquerade Ball?

Early bird tickets includes general admission and all the perks of a regular ticket.

Regular tickets includes general admission, 1 poker table voucher, and access to the venue's features.

VIP tickets includes a VIP-only line pass for sign-in, features, and coat check, 2 poker table vouchers, and VIP exclusive features.

For more information about venue's features, refer to the about page.

4. Where is Masquerade Ball?

Masquerade Ball will take place at the Fleet Science Center, a science museum and planetarium in Balboa Park located in San Diego. Address to the Fleet Science Center is 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA.

5. When does Masquerade Ball start and end?

Doors will open promptly on Saturday November 17th at 8PM and will CLOSE at 9PM so make sure to arrive at check-in on time. Masquerade Ball will end at 12AM this year.

There will NOT be any re-entry so please plan accordingly.

6. Am I allowed to bring a plus one to Masquerade Ball?

You are allowed to bring one guest with you to Masquerade Ball provided your guests also pays for a ticket and there are tickets left. There are only 950 tickets for Masquerade Ball this year so so make sure to buy one before they are all gone!

NOTE: This event is only for UC San Diego students, CNH Circle K members, and all approved guests!

7. What am I allowed to bring to the event?

A list of things that are prohibited from the event includes but not limited to:

Attendees are permitted to bring one purse but note that everyone will be searched before entering the event's venue. We will also have a coat check in where you can store any lose belongings such as jackets or blazers.

For attire guidelines, please click here.

8. Will there be transportation provided to the venue?

We offer a $6 shuttling service option to the event venue that you may sign up for with your ticket form. Boarding will take place 7:30 PM on the night of November 17th at the Student Service Center in UC San Diego near the intersection of Meyers Drive and Russel Ln.

If you are not shuttling to the venue, there is also a small parking lot next to the venue plus street parking all for free. Additional parking information will be added on and can be found here.

9. I traveled to Masquerade Ball from really far away, is there a place for me to stay?

By filling out the housing form, you can find a place to stay hosted by one of UC San Diego's Circle K members. Beds are not necessarily provided by the host and sleeping space may extend to but not limited to floor space or couches so bringing sleeping bags or other sleeping material is adviced.

You can find the housing form here. Form is due on November 10th

10. How will I know if there is an update for Masquerade Ball?

To stay up to date on all our latest updates, check out our Facebook event page and follow our Instagram!